S&M Carry a huge range of plastic pipes and fittings from 110mm Underground to the 32mm & 40mm waste pipe & fittings. We also have guttering in a couple of different colours.

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Aquaflow Underground pipe

Aquaflow Underground Pipe 110mm & 150mm (6m & 3m lenghts)

Aquaflow fittings 110mm & 150mm

Aquaflow Underground Fittings 110mm & 150mm

Aquaflow soil pipe 110mm

Aquaflow Soil Pipe 110mm (black or grey) (4m & 3m lengths)

Aquaflow soil pipe 110mm fittings

Aquaflow Soil Pipe 110mm Fittings

Aquaflow 112mm Half round Gutter

Aquaflow 112mm Half Round Gutter (black or white) (2m & 4m Lengths)

Aquaflow 112mm Half round fittings

Aquaflow 112mm Half Round Fittings

Aquaflow Deepflow Gutter & Fittings

Aquaflow Deepflow Gutter & Fittings (black only)

Aquaflow Waste pipe 3m lengths

Aquaflow Waste Pipe 3m Lengths (push fit or solvent weld) 32mm & 40mm

Aquaflow Waste pipe fittings (32mm & 40mm)

Aquaflow Waste Pipe Fittings (32mm & 40mm)